How To Find Good Samples Of Dissertation Proposals: Writing Help For Students

Your dissertation proposal is the first thing that the committee will see of your work. You have to make it great and put all of the information that is needed to explain what you will be doing in your dissertation. The best way to write the best proposal is to see others. You can find samples of successful proposals online for free. These samples can help you write it as well as show you what you should include in yours so it is the best and will be approved by your committee.

Where to Find Good Samples

  • Intellectual Entrepreneurship is a great site to find examples. When you are looking at the examples they give you all of the information for each proposal including the type, title, area, and program. This makes it easier for you to find the right sample for you and your project.
  • The University of Texas, Dallas website has some great examples that you can look at from past students. And they also give you all of the best information on how to write it as well, which will give you a little extra to put in your own work.
  • Southampton Solent University My Course website has one of the best resources for help writing your dissertation proposal. On the site you will find a very detailed description of how to write it and it shows you page for page of what needs to be on each one. This page will tell you everything and more about writing it.
  • Penn State University also has very detailed information and gives you some great advice on how to write it and how to manage the stress that comes with writing this kind of paper. After you read all of the information you can a find a list of links to examples at the bottom that you can use to help you write your own proposal.
  • Another great school website that has great samples is the University of California Berkeley. On their website you can find a huge list of proposal examples and they are broken up in two majors so you can find one that is most related to your field of study.

If you want to find the best examples you need to narrow your search down by your field of study. This way you can have ones that have similar information to yours.

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