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Technical writing is one of the most important things a scholar must learn in order to start his dissertation paper. Clearing your degree requires you to submit a lot of term papers, research papers and most importantly the dissertation paper. It is not merely limited to students but people in their professional lives also need help with technical writing. Most of the universities sought for excelled writing and communicating skills in the professors they are to hire. Employers seeking for PhD graduates and advanced level degree holders also require these applicants to have a great command of the language both in writing and speaking. This writing in professional life is referred to as technical writing.

Technical writing resources

In order to start writing your dissertation paper you must first carry out research. Once you are acknowledged with the technical writing and its various aspects then you may begin your first assignment. You may find technical writing resources for

  • A typical research article
  • Dissertation paper guide-over the web
  • And various technical writing courses on the web

The below listed resources are may as well prove to be great help while improving your technical writing skills.

Technical writing rules

  • Feedbacks by the instructor on past assignments
  • Common mistakes during technical writing

You can easily get these on the internet and enable yourself in writing a well-organized dissertation paper by assisting yourself with these guides.

General style

Any dissertation paper usually follows the following rules set by the particular institution. These are generally focused on enhancing the readability of the paper. The instructions often are:

  • 12 point standard font (Times New Roman, Arial, Geneva, Helvetica and Calibri)
  • 1 inch margins
  • Double spacing in the text
  • Pages are supposed to be numbered properly, with none of them missing the count
  • Every section must start at a new page
  • Page limits set by the university must be followed

Mistakes to avoid

  • Putting a heading at the end of the page without inserting a page break, this way the text will appear at the next page.
  • Having a figure or a table divided between two pages. It creates confusion
  • Pages not numbered accurately.

Remember to:

  • Be concise
  • Each point must be individually explained in a separate paragrapgh
  • The ideas must appear in a logical order
  • Universal truths must always be written in present tense
  • For depicting specific results always use past tense
  • Avoid using informal tone in your paper.
  • Do not use superlatives, jargons or slang language

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