Basic Requirements For Writing A Dissertation In The APA Style

APA style is a common style used to cite sources in the field of social sciences. As a rule, and APA style paper needs to be typed and double spaced. It should contain 1 inch margins on all sides. The font should be Times new Roman or Ariel, one that is easily readable. APA rules recommend that all font beats size 12. At the top of every page there should be a page header, which in APA style is referred to as the running head. You're running head should be flush left and the title of your paper should be placed in all capitals. This running head is a shortened version of your title, and it should not contain more than 50 characters including punctuation and spacing. Inside of the paper there are four major sections: the title page, the abstract, the main body, and the references.

  • The title page should have the title of your essay, your name, and your academic institution. Your title page information should be placed in the middle of your paper and it should be centered. The running head and the page numbers should also be contained on the cover page. The abstract starts on a new page. The abstract should have the page header, and on the first line of the page, the word abstract should be placed in the center. It should not be in bold, or underlined.
  • On the next page, you start the summary for your abstract. The abstract contains the key points of your research. The abstract paragraph is not indented. It should contain your research topic, your questions, any participants, methods, results, and your conclusions. Many students neglected to include the results in the abstract because they are trying to keep the reader hooked. But this is a mistake. The abstract should be a self-contained glimpse into the entirety of your work. The abstract should consist of Between 150 and 250 words. Beneath the abstract you can list keywords associated with your paper. The word keywords should be in italics. And the keywords should be listed in normal font after it.
  • After this you should start your introduction on the next page. Every subsequent paragraphs contained in the body of your essay should be indented. You must cover the methodology and the materials that you used, as well as the participants in your research.

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