Never Buy Doctoral Dissertations Online

Buying doctoral dissertations online is a risky practice that most academics are strict against. First of all, there’s always a chance you’ll get ripped off. Second, there’s no guarantee that the paper will arrive on time or at all. And third, there’s a great chance you’ll get caught if you attempt to hand it in as your own work.

Online Doctoral Dissertations Aren’t Very Good.

Just looking at the cost of some of these services should clue you in on the likelihood that they aren’t of very good quality. No professors or graduate students would commit so much time for a few dollars. Chances are these papers are written by college level students who are trying to make ends meet. And you can’t expect college students to find the time to research, write, revise and edit an entire dissertation. You’re more likely to receive a highly plagiarized paper that has been put together from a number of different sources found online.

There Are No Guarantees That You Will Even Receive It.

Many of these sites are running scams, taking your payment without the intention of sending you a paper. Even for those sites that do employ writers and deliver on the work, there’s no guarantee that the work will arrive in time for you to review or revise. If this happens you won’t have time to jump in and do your own work in the last minute and be forced to turn in mediocre work to make your deadline. You’ll wind up paying for the service despite receiving what you thought you were paying for.

If You Attempt to Hand It In as Your Own, You Will Get Caught.

Plagiarism is rampant in academia. And educators use all the tools and resources available to them to check that the work that is submitted is 100% original. Websites make it easy to check for plagiarism, checking line by line and looking for certain phrases that appear in other works. On top of that, you’re advisor will be quite familiar with your writing and will become suspicious if he or she notices differences in tone, style, formatting, or any of the other elements that go into writing. We don’t have to remind you of the consequences of cheating. Hopefully these reasons have turned you off the temptation of buying a doctoral dissertation from an online writing service. You’re always better served staying away from these companies entirely, and focusing more on finding other ways of completing your own research and writing your own dissertation.

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