Time Management and Planning of your Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a length task and may take more than few months. Students are much pre occupied with their university life so they normally tend to delay the dissertation writing process. They do not realize that a thesis is not something that can be written in matter of days. Only the thesis proposal alone takes almost 3 months to be written and finalized. You cannot simply risk your PhD degree by delaying your thesis. It is important that you start early and plan your work on a regular basis so that you can finish your dissertation in time.

How to manage time for thesis writing?

If you have to start your thesis do not delay it for tomorrow, start it today. Before you actually start writing your thesis it is important that you divide your time so that you can analyze how easily you can finish your work in the remaining time. Calculate the number of days till the deadline and then see how much you can manage to write per day. Set milestones for yourself on a regular basis and see what suits you the best. It is not very tough to write a dissertation if you have managed your time.

Be realistic about the time left

It is very easy to say that there is enough time left and it will not be a problem to create the thesis in 6 months or so. For example you have six months left till the deadline if you stay honest and think practically then your actual time will be quite less than that. Take the holidays, sickness, family events and other unexpected events out and you will see that you are hardly left with four months or so. When you sit down to calculate time be realistic in your approach and consider all the possibilities that might cause a delay.

Plan your daily work

Do not make the mistake of writing the whole week’s task in a day and over exhaust yourself. Write on a regular basis it will help you stay focused and will maintain consistency in your work. If you skip more than a day or two then you will lose track of what you were writing and you will have to go through all the previously written work again to be able to get back into the flow of writing.

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