10 Most Unusual Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation can be a demanding assignment. This is why it can be helpful to choose an interest topic. Some of the most interesting topics have come from other dissertations that have been done. Sometimes students get creative in choosing a topic when they feel something needs to change or a solution should be developed for the concept in question. The topic is often related to personal interests or something that has a big effect on a lot of people. The following topics may give some ideas on areas that have been researched or have sparked high interest.

  • Boys that have sexually abused in Africa and what affects it may have had on their development.
  • Comparative studies of health disparities in the United States and England.
  • Does race play a role on juveniles and how they are treated in juvenile court?
  • Women who do drugs and how they influence power and sex in relationships.
  • Potential causes of aggression, anger and irrational beliefs in adolescent children.
  • Comparing child and parent beliefs in regards to school behavior and discipline.
  • How emotional intervention for preschoolers and toddlers may benefit or hurt emotional development.
  • Comparison study of human rights for African citizens versus others in nearby nations.
  • Sexual violent crimes committed against women and potential reasons why they happen.
  • Comparing women’s rights in United Kingdom and those in Africa on an economic scale.

Developing Interesting Dissertation Topics

There are various ways you can create a unique topic. Many topics that have been researched feature a unique level of complexity to help create new and interesting points of view. Sample dissertations can help make a difference in the topic you select. Chances are you want to choose something different or further explore a concept that maybe has information people can learn about.

Comparing data is a good concept to consider for an essay topic. This can be anything from comparing how capital punishment is used in one country versus another, to economic development and downfall of more than one government. This can be a chance to bring forward an issue of concern to raise awareness about something that could be a problem in the making. Think about why you entered you chosen field of study and what is something you would want to change if you had the chance to do so.

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