Dissertation Writing Tips: Format and Style

Dissertation is a detailed written document completely based on original research work. Dissertation is set as criteria to gain a degree in bachelor and higher education by educational institutes. Dissertation writing is a highly skillful task. It is always written in a specific style by following a particular format. Many times when students come across a dissertation writing they get confused about how to start it and what should be added in it and what not to be included in it. The best way is to make an outline of the headings that you need to be included in your dissertation document and then you can easily work on single heading and then so on by following a systematic and procedural format.

If you are interested in writing a good dissertation then you can find helpful tips and points in this article. Firstly the format of the dissertation should be enlisted step by step on a page and then you can start writing your dissertation with ease. The steps in the format to be followed in a dissertation are listed here:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Content page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Rationale of the study
  • Hypothesis/ research Question
  • Objective of the research work
  • Methodology to be followed in conducting research i.e. quantitative/quantitative/primary/secondary etc.
  • Procedure
  • Sample
  • Sampling technique
  • Data collection method
  • Instrument/tool
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Implications of your study
  • Future researches on your study
  • References and bibliography

The above mentioned list of heading or points is the step wise format for dissertation writing. If you want to write an accurate and impressive dissertation then you must follow this pattern.

Now the style in which dissertation should be written is discussed here. Dissertation writing always follows a specific style of writing. You cannot just write up, compile and submit your document but you need to check that you wrote it in proper style of written that you asked to be write in or not.

Following are the style to be followed in dissertation writing:

    APA Style MLA Style

Dissertation writing required the unique style to be used in writing and these styles are applied especially in which font you are writing the dissertation what font style you are using. The font style of headings is pre-set. It tells you about right side writing left side writing or justified format to be used.

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