How To Write A Dissertation On Literature: Basic Strategies

Literature review is one of the very crucial sections in nailing down a dissertation. It is important to note the following when writing a dissertation literature review. Some of the basics you should not neglect are:

  1. Reason for writing the chapter. As this is the means to showing / illustrating your know how about the specific field of study, it should be done in a professional way and should not leave any doubt on the readers’ and or supervisors minds. Literature review happens to be the informant part of both the students and the readers about the field of study including the studies and the researchers conducting the research in the field.

  2. Root of the literature review. Knowing well the root of the proposal opens room for planning the research review. Majorly, the main root of a proposal plan should be SMART and from these writing a dissertation literature review becomes easy and smart as its root sounds.

  3. Know your target Organization. By exploiting your target organization well, you are able to learn the format to use in presenting your proposal. There are three main and common formats to present your literature review, and each and every organization prefers a specific standardized format. Therefore it is important to note the main formats and be able to present your dissertation with the required format to a given organization.

  4. Define your data collection methods. It is important to clearly define the means of your data collection. Make sure you analyze both the primary and secondary data collection and if possible you can list down or name or give examples of the means used to arrive at the specific data collection method. This will enhance your transparency as well as your diligence and understanding of the topic in question.

  5. Evaluation of the content is also another key factor in dissertation literature review. To be presentable, clear and appear professional on the proposal. This will show your confidence on to the reader limiting your chances of your paper being over looked.

  6. Compare and contrast what other authors have written about the topic. This will show the readers that you understand the topic well and you can be able to analyze different views.

In most case dissertation literature revive has knocked many people out of the race to present the best proposal paper because of failure to check for the above simple directions. Make your paper in unique and one of a kind by checking out the above notes before handing it in.

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