List Of Thought-Provoking PhD Thesis Topics In HRM

Human resource management (HRM) is a fast-developing area, so it isn’t surprising that many PhD students write their thesis papers on topics related to talent management, green HRM, managing diversity, psychological contract, and others. Your project should be well-structured, contain an innovative approach, and follow the instructions of your professor. The following topic ideas are thought-provoking and worth your consideration.

Sample HRM Topics for Your PhD Thesis

  1. Strategic priority for design companies: how to find a talent and make it shine?
  2. The role of corporative rules and regulations: how to manage a workplace efficiently?
  3. Employee development and training: staying competitive in the changing market conditions.
  4. The cost-benefit analysis of HR practices in the last decade: a case study of a particular company.
  5. The role of HR specialists: how to motivate employees?
  6. Having a plan B: what to do if a key manager resigns in a critical stage of the project?
  7. The relationship between a performance management system and employee satisfaction.
  8. Solving cultural diversity problems in the workplace: a case study of an international company.
  9. Enhancing business productivity: the importance of the understanding of organizational behavior.
  10. Selecting personnel for open positions: soft skills vs. hard skills.
  11. Driving organizational change: the role of HR departments.
  12. Staff evaluation and assessment: subjectivity vs. objectivity.
  13. Improving poor employee selection process: how to choose the right strategy?
  14. Finding a perfect balance between rewards and penalties: a case study of companies in the tourism sector.
  15. HR outsourcing strategies: advantages and disadvantages.

Guidelines on How to Create a Strong PhD Thesis in HRM

  • Study the key HRM concepts before you start your research.
  • The scope of this management area is increasing rapidly, so spend some time learning the newest trends, approaches, and theoretical concepts.

  • Include all the necessary elements in the introduction.
  • A good opening part of the thesis should consist of a study background, problem statement, objectives and significance of the study, and its limitations.

  • Structure your literature review.
  • You may include the following subheadings in this section: the concept of HRM and its evolution, scope and importance of practices, and potential issues.

  • Explain the research methodology.
  • You need to describe your core study approach, methods, data collection techniques, and challenges you faced.

  • Summarize your findings.
  • Present your outcomes and main conclusions that you drew out of them. Remember to keep the objectives of your work in mind while working on this section.

  • Add the list of references.
  • You should format the references according to the style guide assigned and list all the sources you consulted.

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