PhD dissertations help: common errors

Dissertation is a research document that is thorough and detailed; it requires extensive research and hard work and is an official representative of your PhD thesis. They take time to be compiled, written, edited and then finalized for submission. It is a critical document and determines the student’s future prospect and academic excellence. Students tend to be very unique and careful while choosing the thesis idea and completing it. However humans are prone to errors and they can still manage to some mistakes that may create problems for them in the approval of their thesis.

In this article some of the common mistakes made by students are listed down that they make while writing their PhD thesis.

Common errors in PhD dissertation

  • First and foremost thing to focus on is the idea of your thesis. This requires extensive and organized research process. If the scholar sticks to a narrow opinion he may miss some relevant details.

  • Some scholars choose such aspects that are conflicting. However they often fail to put them together comprehensively.

  • Scholars are so deeply involved in research that the overlook the grammatical errors.

  • Sometimes the flow of writing is affected and the scholar fails to identify it. However when the reader goes through it he does not find continuity and it gets hard to concentrate.

  • The font and style of writing must be clear and academic

  • The language used and the tone may not be formal and fail to meet accepted standards.

  • Scholars at times are too carefree and ignore the type, size, font and texture of the paper used which is specified by their university.

  • Citations need to properly formatted, keeping in view the MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago styles.

  • Students forget to check the validity of a reference that may result in quoting an outdated or irrelevant reference

  • Excess use of internet sources may lead to rejection of the dissertation by the committee.

  • Every reference and source must be disclosed in the dissertation. If a student ignores even a single reference it is considered as incomplete disclosure and may lead to rejection of all your hard-work.

  • The resources should be checked properly before being used for the dissertation. Whatever data a scholar uses must be quoted properly.

  • A very common error is the selection of the topic itself. Scholars sometimes choose a topic that takes too long to be completed and is not manageable within the given time frame.

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