The Main Mistakes Of Choosing Dissertation Topics

Many students struggle in choosing a dissertation topic which their mentor will approve. This guide will list some of the common mistakes students make in the process. By avoiding these common mistakes, students will find that their topics are almost guaranteed to be approved!

Choosing a Topic that is Too Broad

This is, hands down, the most common mistake made by students when trying to determine a dissertation topic. They choose broad topics because of the required length of the dissertation. However, it’s important to remember that the student should be able to address the thesis statement definitively, and in great detail, and this simply is not possible if the topic is too broad for the student to discuss in depth. It can also be problematic in terms of research, especially if the student is required to do some original research on the topic.

Choosing a Topic that is Too Narrow

On the other hand, a topic that is too narrow is just as problematic. Topics which are too narrow and specific also won’t allow for the student to research in depth, simply because they won’t offer enough depth for the student to explore.

Choosing a Topic that Doesn’t Present a Strong Argument

Some topics lend themselves well to presenting a strong argument; others do not. When choosing a topic, the student must think ahead to the potential for that topic to translate into a strong thesis statement. A strong thesis statement is an opinion which the student intends to prove or disprove; if the topic doesn’t offer the opportunity for that, it won’t be suitable for a dissertation.

Choosing an Unoriginal Topic

One thing that instructors are generally very unhappy with is the tendency for students to choose a topic for their dissertation which has been written about extensively. While it’s great that there’s a body of research available, the question the student is asking should be original, or they should have a unique perspective which makes their research of value to the academic community. Choosing a thesis statement that has already been conclusively proven is likely to lead to the topic not being approved.

Choosing a Topic They ‘re Not Passionate About

Sometimes students come up with a great topic idea and use it despite the fact that they’re not passionate about the subject. Believe it or not, this shows in the writing!

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