How to Come Up with New Tourism Dissertation Topics

It can be a challenge for graduate students to come up with original and interesting tourism dissertation topics. One of the biggest reasons is because dissertation topics need to catch the attention of your advisor and review committee and show that your work provides value to the field. The easiest way to find a good dissertation topic is to allow your interests and abilities guide your choices. Write about what you like and what most interests you! But if you are still having trouble, here are a few ideas that can help inspire some good topics:

Dark Tourism Topics

Do local communities benefit from tourism when those communities have a dark history? If places are tragic are communities compelled to maintain a sense of that sordid past out of respect?

How does one promote a dark tourism site without offending survivors of a tragedy? Memorials, museums and other visitors’ attractions seem appropriate, but how about campy locations?

Tourism Management Topics

Natural disasters and the implications of tourism in world regions. Are locations that have recently (1 – 3 years) appropriate for tourism or should efforts be focused on improving those areas?

Many people prefer to visit other places in their country or in neighboring countries rather than travel to a completely foreign land. Do people of a certain nations prefer to travel domestically or overseas?

Educational Tourism Topics

What affects a student’s decision to travel abroad for study? Are there certain nations that could never attract students from other countries?

What attitudes exist among students who have opportunities to volunteer at summer camps in third-world countries? Are students turned off by the idea of not having many of the luxuries they have back home?

Eco-Tourism Topics

Will eco-tourism in developing nations have a brighter future than locations in developed countries? Which regions of the world are expected to continue to grow within this type of tourism?

What affects the way eco-tourists consume in foreign nations? Do tourists feel they need to spend more in areas where the primary tourism is eco-based?

Hospitality Topics

Perception of people’s perceptions towards specific hotel brands. How do certain hotel brands cater to a global population versus a specific kind of traveler?

Does brand expansion from hotel and restaurant chains affect how tourists travel? Do tourist trends show loyalty or trust towards locations where certain hotel brands have thrived?

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