How To Do My Thesis: Writing A Great Discussion Section

When you write a thesis the actual “thesis statement” is typically considered to be the most important part however, the “discussion” component is also very important especially in how it relates to the thesis and creates a well rounded paper. For example a great thesis statement without strong arguments or supporting evidence is really just an incomplete thesis assignment. Once you have composed your thesis remarks you need to do research and construct ideas that will help to defend this thesis and make your arguments stand up.

Writing a great discussion section is really about tying in your supporting research and ideas in a way that flows nicely and is cohesive with the rest of the paper. What you need to be aware of is how the entire paper works together to create an interesting conversational piece. When someone finishes reading or evaluating your paper they should have a clear idea about what the important points where and what your stance on the subject matter was. Once you have mastered this, you could essentially write a thesis paper about nearly anything as long as it has these features;

  • Clear restatement of the question or topic
  • 3 strong arguments, defended with evidence
  • A clear position or point of view
  • Clincher’ sentences that tie all of the content together
  • Easy to read, entertaining, elements of intellectual discussion
  • Organized and readable

Before you get to caught up with trying to find a way to make your paper unique or stand out in the crowd, first focus on mastering the discussion part of thesis writing so that it flows nicely and compliments your thesis argument. Many students make the mistake of trying to be overly ambitious with their thesis papers, and miss the entire point. Remember the reason why thesis papers are assigned is to encourage students to demonstrate their understanding of a concept with strong ideas organized correctly. If you want to do well on the discussion component of your thesis writing assignment, take or word for it, learn how to properly organize basic points in a way that is reflective of your initial thesis theory that you have introduced in the first paragraph. If you are still unclear over how to write this kind of academic paper, review the 5 Point Thesis Outline structure and stick to that winning format.

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