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Are you a graduate student working on a dissertation? If so, you’re probably mired in work and stress. Many graduate students are tempted at some point in the dissertation drafting ordeal to turn to outside help, often from a custom writing service or dissertation selling service. Perhaps you are considering resorting to such means.

A custom writing service can provide you with invaluable editorial suggestions, or can even help you by writing a dissertation or thesis completely from scratch. Before investing in an writing service, however, a few caveats should be considered. First, make sure that using external assistance is acceptable under your university’s academic conduct policy. Second, make sure you find a writing service that is reputable and produces high quality content.

But how to determine if a writing company is reliable and staffs truly talented writers? Here are some suggestions.

Locate Writers With Relevant Credentials and Degrees

If you are in a doctoral program, you are expected to be capable of producing work of the highest possible academic caliber. Your papers must be expertly written and filled with up to date research results, communicated effectively. You are expected to be a bonafide expert in your subfield of interest. Accordingly, if someone else is helping you write your dissertation, they must also meet these requirements. Find a freelance writer or service employee who has a PhD or Psy.D in your field, and request samples of their written work. If possible, ask to see their own doctoral thesis. Then you can rest assured they are up to the task.

Only Deal With Secure Websites

Do not provide your credit card information, contact information, or address to random writing services. Properly vet the services you consider before selecting the one with which you’ll be working. Make sure there are no complaints about the site, or any lawsuits against the company. Be certain that the website itself is secure against hacking: look for a url that begins with an https, not just http.

Work With Humans, Not Computers

Hire a specific writer, don’t hire a service and expect them to assign you the right person for the assignment. Speak in depth with your writer about your needs, and learn a little bit about their background. You want to be certain that your dissertation writer has impeccable writing skills, is fluent in your native language, and is familiar with the area that you are writing about and studying. The only way to be certain of this is to talk extensively with your writer.

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