Creating a PhD Dissertation: Organizing your Notes

As a scholar, writing a dissertation as the final piece to your education is going to be very difficult. The PhD dissertation is going to be the first of hopefully many intense educational thoughts that you will be contributing to a specific academic field before long. Creating the dissertation is going to be the greatest academic challenge that most people will ever face because it is simply not like any other assignment that a person has ever had before. One of the keys to success is going to be the depth of the research and the ability of the student to keep organized and helpful notes about every step of the way.

Develop a system

As a student has passed through all of their educational experience there must have learned a lot about what techniques they needed specifically to be able to find information learned at a time in the future. This system can be varied depending on the scholar specifically. One great system is to use a series of notebooks to keep track of the information that you have collected and the ideas that go along with it. The dissertation is far different than other research papers because it is going to take a significant amount of time to complete. Organize your notebooks with a table of contents so that all of the information can be found in six months when you need it. The less time a person needs to spend in finding the facts later. This type of system will contribute to a smooth running development of the dissertation.

Other Ideas

If there is a time when a student is feeling overwhelmed by the research and they are not sure that they can pull it all together into a coherent article then it would make sense to get help. There are many different writing agencies that can provide an assistant author to the scholar completing the writing. Since the depth of the research can be quite large it could take two or three people to organize the notes and glean all of the valuable information out of them. It is paramount that the notes are all kept in different locations so that similar research and conclusions can be written about and shared quite easily. The notes that a person takes and keeps should always be succinct and to the point. The note taking stage is not one that a person should be frivolous in, because when the notes taken are detailed and specific the writing is easy.

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