Custom dissertation writing service: how to find a good one

If you are struggling to complete your dissertation or you just need someone to share the burden of one of your sections you can get custom dissertation writing services to help you out. But how can you find a good one?

  1. First you want to evaluate the top results. Conduct a preliminary search for some of the best dissertation writing services. You may have to conduct multiple internet based searches because a few of those keywords have been integrated by companies into the title of the company and the results you get may not necessarily include a natural search engine rank.
  2. Once you have found a handful of sites you should review them one by one. First look for the last date they were updated. You don’t want to use a website that was created in 1998 and hasn’t been updated since. You won’t get good results that way. Second you want to look at the layout and structure. Does the website seem to be something designed in 2005 and left with brightly colored text and flashing lights all over the place or is it designed with class and a clean layout? You want the websites with the clean layout and not the ones that distract from their lack of content with flashy lights.
  3. Review their content. Look for their price list and make sure it is roughly on par with the other services you are considering. Review their regular text content for errors. If you see a spelling error on their home page you should run away. If they did not take the time to review their web content and their job is a writing company then that does not bode well for the editing they will give to your dissertation. Look to see if their services actually include dissertations and if they have ever specialized in your area. You don’t want to accidentally hire a service that dabbles in a bit of everything and has never written a dissertation before.
  4. Review their qualifications. See if they have a writing team working for them and what the background is of said writers. Make inquiries if the information is not there (this also functions as a test of their customer service and response times).
  5. Look for reviews on third party websites and for customer feedback on their services.

Top writers

  • dissertation writer

    Amanda Anderson

    PhD in English and American literature. Prolific academic writer and editor.

  • thesis writer

    Lisa Doe

    PhD in Business and Marketing. Professional freelance thesis and graduate term paper writer.

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