3 Tips for Writing a Graduate Thesis Proposal

As one of the most important final tasks getting you closer to obtaining your Master’s degree, the thesis proposal requires a significant amount of research to be completed.  Meaning, students will need to plan their time accordingly.  Planning ahead can give you the advantage you need to complete your proposal in well-written timely manner.  The end result will hopefully impress the committee that will review your final product.  The following tips are a few areas of consideration to help you get started writing your proposal.

  1. Know your topic well and how to clearly state related facts.  Some students make the mistake of writing their proposal as the actual thesis.  In this sense, you should have a clear understanding of what you are supposed to present in your written proposal.  You are instead presenting evidence that you have research knowledge behind the problem.  Discuss how your personal knowledge and what you have learned will help you provide a solution or solid evidence to support your thesis.
  2. Keep in mind reasons why a thesis proposal may be rejected by the committee.  Sometimes having the knowledge alone may not be enough. It may be more in how you present the problem and potential solution.  The topic should be relevant to your field in a way it presents ongoing opportunities for others who are entering.  To help you stay on track it helps to make an outline or map to your proposal.  Present a chapter by chapter layout to help the committee get an idea of how your thesis will unfold. 
  3. Be prepared to make changes and understand that this is just a proposal.  While you may present information to the committee, you are giving a general idea of what they can expect from the final thesis.  When the actual thesis is being written you may refer to your proposal to get an idea of what you may or may not need to include.  The committee may understand that this is just a proposal and expect some form of variation when the actual thesis is written.  Remembering that this is just a proposal may make it easier for you to get it written, while focusing on pertinent information to help it stand out.  From this perspective it helps reduce stress and worries in producing your ideas.

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