Hiring PhD Theses Writing Assistants

For some of the people out there, doing academic writing is both a pleasure and a challenge (which is sometimes the precise reason they choose to remain within the academic field and continue their research on certain topics). The fact that you are already on your PhD level means that you probably want to build a career out of being an academic researcher and that you know that your thesis is extremely important for your future in this field, since it can give you a good head start and it can attract the attention of those who are important for your career.

Sometimes, doing all the work on your own can be extremely difficult and you may feel that you need help from someone else. Of course, that does not necessarily mean that you will want someone else to simply write your PhD thesis (or even parts of it), but that you may need someone to help you with feedback, proofreading and with brainstorming for ideas and materials you can use in your PhD thesis paper. If you decide that hiring an assistant is what you need, do make sure that you follow the next pieces of advice:

  1. Remember to work with people you can actually trust in and who are reliable at all costs. If you test an assistant and see that he/she is not reliable, stop working with him/her because there is a very high chance that he/she will simply waste your time in the end.
  2. Do make sure that the PhD thesis assistant you hire is actually knowledgeable in the field your PhD is written on. It is of no use to hire someone who has specialized in humanity studies if your paper is on quantum physics because they will simply not be able to keep up with your demands.
  3. Furthermore, do make sure that your assistant actually knows what academic writing is and that he/she has some sort of experience in doing this as well.
  4. Make sure that he/she knows how to proofread correctly and how to find the right materials for your paper.
  5. Also, do make sure that your assistant will know how to use various academic writing styles and that he/she will know exactly how to use the academic style in which you have to write your thesis.
  6. Do bear in mind that the price they ask for this service can be a sign of their quality. Very low prices are not to go for and neither are the very high ones, since you can risk not getting your money’s worth.

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