Fundamental Tips On How To Write A Dissertation Results Chapter

The results chapter of your dissertation is a very important section which contributes to the overall success of your entire final product. The results section is the second to last section in most cases and it serves as the crux of your report or the climax of the information. In previous sections you outlined the background to your topic why it matters and the exact steps that you took to complete it so that other readers might be able to copy your methods. But this is the time where you present the actual results of your efforts and where you show the readers the authenticity of the work that you created.

  • The results section is the chapter wherein you not only present the findings of your research but supporting data analytics related to the findings. This type of information is very important to the overall success of your final results chapter.

  • In order to make your dissertation results chapter successful you have to present your statistical findings if you use a quantitative approach or your case study findings if you used a qualitative approach. You want to explain to the reader any potential limitations associated with these findings in this chapter so as to add authenticity to the results. Depending on your academic institution the final chapter might be broken down into additional sections.

  • For example, your particular institution and the Contents of your dissertation might require subsections within the confines of this particular chapter Such as examples of the descriptive statistics used in the form of a table or the measurement difficulties faced in your analyses. You may have to explore asset specificity consistent with your hypotheses or present additional tables which correlate to your analysis. Different aspects of your findings which are particularly relevant to your topic may need to be explored in a singular paragraph. Your control variables may also need to be explored. Some academic institutions and the corresponding content there in may require cost analyses within the results or the results of different analyses conducted in the methodology section. The best findings will of course be presented in the most statistically relevant methods. It is important that you review the requirements for your particular dissertation results section so that you can make sure you follow them explicitly and avoid making any costly mistakes.

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