What Are The Main Qualities Of A Professional Thesis Writer?

Whether you intend to work as an independent service provider or plan to work with a professional writing company, the success you have as a thesis writer comes down to these main qualities:

Attention to a Client’s Needs

A thesis writer should listen to a client’s specific needs and take everything into account when submitting a quote. It’s very unprofessional to later charge for revisions when the client is clear about what he or she wants when first placing an order.

Vast Experience in Academic Writing

This could be the first real requirement. A good professional thesis writer should have extensive and successful experience in academic writing. You should be able to provide samples of your personal work and a few excerpts of work done for others.

Extensive Knowledge of Academic Styles

Theses need to be more formal than the majority of academic papers, but they should still follow the simple rule being written in clear and concise English. The formality comes largely in following strict formatting rules within specific style guides. Know the different ones by heart; there is no room for uncertainty.

Excellent Research Skills

Research doesn’t take a backseat to writing. No precise style of English can save a document when research is incomplete or flawed. A professional writer will know exactly where to find information and will also have an eye for relevant resources. If you aren’t confident about your research abilities then this job isn’t for you.

Honesty and Reliability

A good thesis writing expert would never make a claim that a completed work is actually his or her own. Once an agreement of confidentiality has been made, one should never go back on the terms. You should simply imagine that a non-disclosure agreement is always in effect.

Zero Tolerance for Plagiarism

Everything you use in a thesis – facts, stats, pieces of information – that you have borrowed from previous research must be cited properly. As an academic writer you should never attempt to pass off somebody else’s work as your own original work. Any instance of plagiarism, even suspicions, can be the end of your career.

Ability to Meet All Deadlines

A reliable thesis writer will be able to meet all reasonable deadlines without problem. If you foresee a scheduling conflict or know that you won’t have time to complete a high-quality document within the allotted time-frame, then it’s your responsibility to let your client know before taking on the project so that he or she can make other arrangements.

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