How to write a strong MBA dissertation proposal: general rules

An MBA dissertation proposal is the start of the thesis to earning an MBA degree. As a result, students need to write a strong proposal to start the foundation of the thesis journey. The guidelines are usually stated in the course’s instructions booklet, however each professor has his/her rules to how they want to perceive the work he/she will review.

According to the professor’s guidelines, it will show the maximum word count. If not usually it is between 1,000 to 2,000 words. The students need to understand these guidelines before putting the idea on paper as it may be confusing or chaotic to re-write with the format the instructor requests.

Explain hypotheses patently in the introduction

The hypothesis is the main idea of the proposal, which is best, explained and presented in the beginning as it will set the reader at ease knowing what he/she is reading.

  • Researching and analyzing the argument will make a strong introduction.

Writing technique

The basic case that will define the student’s work, which builds up attentiveness to read the students’ proposal. Grammar and sentence structure are a method to enhance the writing.  Also students need to have clear and simple sentences structure while explaining their hypothesis as to avoid misunderstanding and confusion.

  • Learning about writing will improve the writing technique.

Formal wording

An MBA dissertation proposal needs be a polished introduction to a thesis paper. As a result, the students need to be formal and professional in their wording.

  • Professional writing will increase the value of the proposal.

An interesting flow of ideas

The students need to express their thesis proposal in a simple way, however it needs to be brief as it will be explained in details in the thesis statement. The flow of wording is important because it will connect the ideas in the paper.

  • It sets the main theme of the thesis itself.

Support the argument

Supporting the argument with references will emphasize the basic scheme of work. It will also prove it and will show how the idea is well grounded. Sometimes instructors limit the amount of references to be used in general so it is best to use the strong references that will support the argument.

  • Looking into the institute’s library for a related topic to the argument shows effort and dedication to the proposal.

Think outside the box

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