How to Write a Dissertation on Time

Congratulations! You have made it to through your undergraduate program, and conquered your masters degree. You are part of the esteemed few working on their dissertation, a soon to be doctor in your field. The dissertation process can be extremely stressful, but steps can be taken to help ensure your timely completion of dissertation work.

  1. Choose a Topic You Love
  2. Your dissertation should be the precipice of your collegiate studies. Why write about something underwhelming? You will spend endless hours researching, discussing and writing about your dissertation topic so you will want to love it. Your interest in the topic will also shine through in your writing, keeping the reader engaged and making for better writing.

  3. Find a Strong Advisor
  4. As many say, there is strength in numbers! Of course you are capable of conquering your dissertation on your own, but a guiding advisor will be extremely helpful to the process. Develop a relationship with someone at your campus who is a good fit for not only your area of study, but also you personally. This advisor can help you overcome obstacles and concerns throughout your dissertation work. When feeling lost or astray while working on your dissertation, your advisor can be a safety net to help you refocus your work and research.

  5. Create a Schedule
  6. By creating a schedule you will set a system of check throughout the dissertation work. Keeping the work goal oriented will help you tackle a large task with small do-able steps. Most of the difficulty of completing your dissertation is psychologically overwhelming. By breaking the work up into steps and milestones will break up the work. By ensuring you always complete each task on time, there is no way you will not complete your dissertation on time!

Most importantly, when working on your dissertation, do not accept defeat! You are stronger than you think you are, and you can prove that to yourself throughout this process. With a topic you feel passionately a about and a strong advisor for guidance, you are on the road to success. With this idea or topic, implement a schedule and system of organization. These elements will keep you organized, and help keep tasks from seeming so daunting. Do not accept defeat! Stick to your deadlines and your dissertation will be complete, one conquerable step at a time.

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