Tips and Tricks for Crafting a Strong PhD Thesis

As you write your PhD document you want to make sure you have a strong thesis. Your thesis is like a road map, it tells your reader or your audience where you are going with the paper. If the reader cannot tell what the thesis is, this is a problem. Make sure it is several sentences long, that it is in the first paragraph, that it is general, that you use a formal style, and that your advisor approves it. When crafting a strong thesis, consider some of these tips and tricks for optimum results.

It Should Be Several Sentences Long

At this point in your writing, your thesis statements are more complex. They are no longer just one sentence, but instead it is a series of sentences. Think of it as a thesis statement paragraph.


Along with the thesis statement (in the introductory paragraph) there will be some background material on your subject. There will also be a hook. You can decide where your thesis goes. It can be at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the paragraph. I recommend using it as the last item in the introductory paragraph. This leaves the reader with your plan and leaves then with a strong impression.

Keep it General

Do not add too many specific details in the introductory paragraph or in the thesis. Keep it very general and save the specifics for the body of the paper.

Use a formal Style

Your PhD paper is a formal paper. All of the paper including the thesis should be written in third person point of view. You need to follow all formal rules of writing. As far as format, your instructor and advisor will tell you whether to use a MLA or APA style.

Show it to Your Advisor

You should show your advisor your thesis. In addition to showing your advisor your thesis, you need to also make sure that your advisor approves of your thesis. Do not start working on the paper until the advisor approves the thesis.

As you begin your thesis, make sure it is several sentences long, that you place it in the first paragraph, that it is general, that you write it using a formal style, and that you show it to your advisor. Following these tricks and tips will help you to create a more successful PhD thesis.

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