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While purchasing papers, essays, and dissertations online technically is legal, you do run into issues of academic integrity and morality. There is little state and federal legal systems can do to shut down sites and companies that offer pre-written papers, but it seen as cheating when it comes to academia. The dissertation is supposed to be your moment to shine in academic writing and the point where you launch your professional career and conclude your academic career. So while they are available, it is not a good idea to use these online sites that promise you a fully written dissertation or paper. Here are some of the pros students often use to justify their actions and the cons for why it is not a good idea:


  • Often times students feel overwhelmed by the amount of work the dissertation takes and they find it hard to juggle school work, family, and other obligations- the pre-written papers are an easy way to pass and get a grade without all the work.
  • Custom essays are often written by professionals- many times by people who has already written their own thesis and dissertations. They know what it expected and how to format and layout the paper so it looks professional and well researched.
  • Many students find it a great challenge to work with the committee or the advisor they have working with them on their dissertation. When styles and conflicts clash, students can feel beat down and defeated and the pre-written papers are a way to avoid the conflict and aggravation and get the paper done quickly.


  • Often times students turn to online sites to order or copy thesis papers. The major problem with this is that the same essay may have been used by many students already and the odds of being caught are much higher- even if additional work is done and added to the paper to try and make it a little more unique.
  • When a paper mill dissertation is used there are often major errors with style and formatting. Most committees who will be reviewing the final dissertation are looking for a specific style and certain content- and there is no guarantee it will be there when a paper mill dissertation is used.
  • Custom essays can be very expensive if a student hires someone to write an original paper for them. Students who use the online paper mill type sites run the risk of getting a paper that they have paid for that falls shorts and causes them to not pass.
  • The final and most important reason this course of action should not be taken is one of academic morality. If you are caught with a plagiarized paper mill paper, especially at the dissertation level, you risk losing your education foundation and casting a black mark on all of your academic work up to that point and time.

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