Quick Tips On How To Come Up With Original Dissertation Topics

Coming up with an original dissertation topic may seem difficult, however breaking this down into smaller steps may be helpful. Because this is such an important research paper you want your idea to be original and well thought out. The following suggestions should help you in the process of narrowing down your potential dissertation topic to something that you will feel proud of!

What do you want to write about?

When you think of potential topics, what jumps out at you as the thing that makes you most excited to research? How will this topic apply to your ongoing research once you are established in your field of work? Do you feel excited about something in particular and have what might be considered a different angle to the subject? This is what you want to write about! An original dissertation topic will never turn into a top notch paper if you aren't interested in the topic to begin with.

How much do you know about the topic you are considering?

It's very likely that having knowledge about the topic may help you to find another angle that hasn't been explored before. This will not only help you to bring to life an original topic, but also to develop a comprehensive thesis statement. There's nothing wrong with presenting an idea that may feel like it sits on the fringes of common conceptions regarding the topic at hand. This is what will make your work interesting and unique!

Has it been done?

The difference between a good paper and a fantastic paper is researching a topic in a different way from other academics in the same area. Some examples of things that have been researched into the ground are:

  • The correlation between autism and immunizations.
  • Roe vs Wade and the aftermath of the pro life movement.
  • Causes of Schizophrenia.
  • Domestic violence and the cycle of abuse.

Is there supportive documentation?

Keeping these examples of overdone topics in mind, also make sure that your unique topic also has supporting research in regard to the angle you wish to take in your research paper. Being on the fringes of the discussion or presenting a drastically different idea is one thing, not being able to support your thesis is quite another.


In conclusion, once you decide on what you feel passionate about and formulate an idea as to why you feel strongly about researching it then your topic is mostly formed. The fine tuning comes in as you ensure that your idea is unique and able to be supported.

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