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Using a dissertation writing service is risky, but if you are considering it you are probably already near the bottom of a slippery slope.

Explaining what a dissertation is really isn’t necessary; you typed the word ‘dissertation’ because you either want to know more about what is needed to complete a dissertation or you know what is needed to complete it and don’t want to put forth the time and effort required.

Which is ironic because you have just committed a significant portion of your life to learning and researching, but you have not done enough of either to write a dissertation.

If your researching skills have carried you far enough to be a PhD candidate, you most certainly should be capable of researching a dissertation writing service capable of meeting your needs.

Which brings us to this: What are the benefits of using a dissertation writing service? It is hard to find a benefit to having someone else writing your dissertation.

Reasons or Excuses

  • One that we just mentioned is time saved, for sure. This excuse is barely acceptable for people who are just writing essays and claim to be ‘unfamiliar’ with a topic. But are you really saving time? There aren’t too many people out there who complete a PhD just for the hell of it, and by paying someone else to free up your time, it doesn’t put you or the institution of academics in the best light.
  • You’re in good hands! Don’t be so sure of that. Having control over your own dissertation essay should offer far more peace of mind than having it in the hands of a complete stranger.

One of the first benefits noted after a quick search of the sites for dissertation-writing services (excluding tome) go as such:


  • Advantages such as the input and advice of so-called “experts” or professors offering their knowledge should be taken as an insult to not only you, but your school as well. Have a little bit of pride here. Throw in some arrogance, too. And self-respect.
  • Services like these also claim that the “learning” doesn’t end after you buy a paper off of the. Nope. They want you to think that this purchased essay will help serve as a “template” for future assignments, y'know, like the ones you will be writing after being caught plagiarizing your dissertation.

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