20 Great Dissertation Title Examples For A Master's Paper

At the level of a Master’s degree, you will be expected to write well as a matter of course but you will also need to know how to select your topic well. If you try hard enough, you may end up brainstorming a great deal of potential ideas. If you are creative but also interested in creating the type of dissertation that will appeal to your supervisory committee, you can attempt any of the following:

  1. 1. Ocean Rising: How a group of Pacific Island nations broke their silence about climate change
  2. 2. Mean Women: The nature of cliques and the bitter reality of how the continue into adulthood
  3. 3. False Visage: A look into cosmetic beauty culture and the lengths women go to in order to achieve ‘the look’
  4. 4. Game anxiety: A look into the world of professional chess playing and how this becomes a source of suffering for those who feel their best days are gone
  5. 5. Unisex sports: Should people who have similar levels of skill be allowed to compete together regardless of gender?
  6. 6. Lucid dreaming: A case for having this phenomena taught to increase peoples’ locus of control
  7. 7, Drug War: A look into how cultures that have made peace with drugs have far and wide benefited from this
  8. 8. Hemp as a building material: The fastest growing most useful tree a government has ever singled out for extinction
  9. 9. Older Motherhood: Should women be discouraged from freezing their eggs and aiming to reproduce later?
  10. 10. Math phobias: Has the education system failed our children if they can give up on math before reaching high school?
  11. 11. Fading Habitats: A look into how mankind’s decision to make the world more amenable to human life resulted in tragedy
  12. 12. Transsexual identity: With greater acceptance of people who are gender queer the alternate lifestyle should be analyzed
  13. 13. Cock fighting versus cooking: Why it is legal to cook and eat birds but immoral to set them to fight each other in a ring for money?
  14. 14. Feline indiscipline: Can many cat owners attribute their cat’s attitude to general dislike of the surroundings?
  15. 15. Fear of aging: The tendency of young people to assume that they will not get older and then seem frightened when it occurs

These are all interesting papers and it is unlikely that you would have seen anything like the majority of them anywhere else.

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