Journalism Thesis Topics to Draw Attention

Journalism is about presenting facts and getting knowledge out to people about topics they may not be aware of, but when you write papers for a journalism class you will want to keep the topic about journalism and not serious issues affecting the world. The reason for this is because you want to show that you understand what journalism is about, how it is growing and that you can comprehend the ways the field is changing and you're prepared for those changes. If you want to draw attention to your journalism papers, choose one of these topics.

How citizen journalism killed journalists

Citizen journalism, or journalism done by ordinary people on blogs, through social media, and other forms of technology, has picked up thanks to the internet and the smart phone. Because so many people are able to record what is happening as it happens and upload it immediately to online sites where people can watch it within seconds of the event, many people are no longer following journalists. Write a paper on how this is killing journalism and what journalists of the future can do to offset these issues.

How the internet destroyed and rebuilt journalism

The internet killed traditional journalism, but it ushered in a new era of the field. You can discuss the ways the internet brought down newspapers, but how it also gave people better access to journalism and news, therefore increasing the need for trained journalists to bring accurate stories to the masses.

The future of journalism and how it will influence society

You can also write a paper on how social media and technology is helping the field of journalism, but also how the new version of journalism will effect society and the way people are able to get their news. This is a topic that can be made into a series because you can discuss the past, the current situation, and the future of journalism, as well as how these things negatively impact journalists and society. Mention specific technology and how it will benefit or hurt citizens.

Journalism is a field that is quickly changing thanks to the internet and citizen journalism and knowing this and how it will affect you in your role as a journalist is important. Show that you understand these things by writing about them and impressing your professors with your knowledge and forethought about the future of the field you have chosen to enter.

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