Interesting topics for a PhD dissertation: choose new problems

Every student who is pursuing a higher education for a master or PhD has to, at one point write a dissertation.  Dissertations are just a point of fact when they are in higher education. It’s something that each student can expect, in order to fulfill the requirements of the degree.

The dissertation isn’t something is thought on with warm and fuzzy thoughts.  The process is grueling and daunting.  One of the hardest parts of the entire process is however, the topic. Making what seems like the easiest choose is actually one of the hardest things a person will ever do is make the choice of what to write about.

There are a lot of pressures that are associated with their topic choice. If the student writes a variation of a topic that has already been approached, then they might be accused of plagiarism.  There is the idea that they have to make it better; otherwise, they will have it held against them, for not bring new information to the topic.

On the flip side, if they write about an entire new problem, it can backfire.  There might not be enough information out there to help the student write on the problem.  This risk however isn’t a true problem for any researcher.  They can conduct their own studies to see what the answers are.  But this is a whole new level of difficulty.

While there are many pressures on an author of a dissertation, the student should always try to rise about the stresses and complete a work that new and original.  While taking a risk of a new question can be stressful and full of pressures, the PhD dissertation needs to have a new idea or question asked.  These new question need answers and the student is the right person to give them.  So possible places or idea of finding a new question are below:

Topics Idea Suggestion:

  • Something the student is passionate about, but has found no papers on
  • Something the student has never has answered
  • A question that has been raised in a class
  • An idea that needs to have further study
  • A thought or idea the student has had when researching, that needs a deeper examination

Using these suggestion of finding a new questions can really help the student come up with a new question and that will help lessen the pressure that they are dealing with when it come to their PhD dissertation.  

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