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Writing a doctoral dissertation is a difficult part of coursework but one that most students will have to complete. Dissertations are several pages in length, very detailed and require a great deal of study and research to compile. There are a number of tips and tricks that students can utilize to make it easier to write their doctoral dissertation. Among those, assignment prompts are the most common.

What is a Writing Prompt?

A writing prompt is a clue about how your paper should be written. Analyzing the instructions and the requirements of the dissertation is one way to pick the prompts out to ensure that you are writing the right type of paper.

Common Writing Prompts

A doctoral dissertation should be well-written and contain several bits of valuable information. There are a number of prompts that you will find in your project and you should pay close attention to those prompts. Common prompts include:

  • Purpose of Study
  • In this section you should describe why the study is being conducted, the type of study and the research questions and hypothesis. Focus your attention on the important aspects of the study but do not leave out the facts that support the bigger information that you are revealing.

  • Theory for the Study
  • The theory for the study is another prompt. You should provide detailed information concerning the basis of your study and other important information. This is the entire reason for the dissertation creation so you want to make sure this is not a prompt that you miss.

  • A Compelling Body
  • A compelling body composing 70% of the work should be included in your dissertation. It should be very informative and creative and give readers as much information as possible.

Using your Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are strategically placed in your instructions. They give you guidance for starting your dissertation paper and certainly make it much easier to create a doctoral dissertation in far less time. It will also save you stress and hassle since the topics will be right there for you to choose from.

These are just a handful of the many prompts that may be included in your doctoral writing dissertation. When writing your paper make sure that you look at those prompts and use them to your full advantage. When you do the paper will be easier to write and more beneficial to those who are reading your paper.

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