Thesis Statement Definition

A thesis statement is a sentence in an essay, research paper, speech or report that identifies the central purpose and the main idea of the content. A thesis statement usually serves as an organizing principle for the content. It also usually appears within the introductory paragraph, and most of the times at the end of it.

The Purpose of a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is written with the purpose of giving order to both the writer and the reader. A thesis statement should clearly state the central claim of the writing. In the thesis statement, the writer articulates the argument of the paper in a precise way. The precision will clarify and focus the direction for your paper. A lot of times, you need to come up with a dynamic thesis statement that could change and evolve during your writing process.

Strong and Week Thesis Statements

What makes a thesis statement strong? It needs to both name the topic and reveal the opinion of the writer on a particular topic. It also needs to be specific and clear. A thesis statement may also list supporting ideas, usually in a separate sentence.

A sample of a week thesis statement: China has many interesting festivals.

This thesis statement is simply too broad. You can’t be discussing all the Chinese festivals. Although the statement does represent your opinion, it is not clear and doesn’t explain your opinion in depth.

A sample of a strong thesis statement: The Moon Festival is an important festival for Chinese people, because they celebrate and remember traditional legends while enjoying the time with their own families.

Why is this statement strong? The topic mentioned in it is specific enough, and it clearly provides the opinion of the writer. Additionally, it lists a few supporting ideas.

Write an Effective Thesis Statement

What’s the definition of an effective thesis statement? It suggests the emphasis, scope and direction of your paper. You should not make promises in your thesis statement that won’t be fulfilled in your paper. Instead, your thesis needs to suggest where your emphasis will be placed, and indicate the order of your main points being discussed.

The Lead-in to a Thesis Statement

An artful lead-in to a thesis statement is often appreciated by college instructors. A nicely written lead-in is like a “hook” statement to begin your essay. It is a statement that will romance the readers and let them know you have something worthwhile to speak about. The “hook” could be presenting a description, an example, or even anecdote to connect to your thesis statement.

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