Dissertation Writing Tips: Steps To Take Before Starting To Work On Your Paper

You have spent the last few years doing coursework and exams but not it is time for you to write you dissertation.  This is one of the most difficult things that you will do in your academic career and most students feel the pressure before they even start to write it.  Most of the problems that students run into when they start their dissertation is choosing a topic and starting their research.

Steps To Take Before Starting To Work On Your Paper

  • Talk to the academic staff early about ideas you might have for your dissertation.  This will help you find an advisor and lets you have a discussion about your ideas for your paper.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to other students and even on forums about your dissertation.  Some schools discourage graduate students from taking to other academic staff about their work but other students might be able to help you pick your topic.
  • Think about all of the unsolved questions and issues that you may have come across during your studies.  These might be something you can use for your topic.
  • Become familiar with all of the resources and sources you have to help you find all of the information you will need for your dissertation.  Databases, the Internet, the schools’ library and so on.  These are important resources you will need later.
  • Keep a special notebook where you can take notes and write down all of your research.  This makes it easier to find later once you sit down to write.
  • Make sure you keep a detail record of everything you read during the research process, you will need this later to write you references.
  • Read as much as you can on the topic you will be covering on the subject.  By the time you are done with your dissertation, you’ll be an expert on the subject.
  • You notes should be well organized and write notes on everything you read.  This will make it easier to find what you are looking for later.
  • You should actually start working on your dissertation in the year before you have to start it.  This gives you a huge head start and allows you to get you topic and most of your research done early.  This allows for more time writing the dissertation, which is the most important part of getting your degree.

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