Getting Free Dissertation Writing Assistance on the Web

Your dissertation deadline is getting closer and you feel like it is tough for you to write. Do not hesitate to start looking for some assistance. The fastest way to find help is to search on the web. This is also convenient; you can work at home and get a needed advice. Who can provide free dissertation writing assistance on the web today?

University Writing Centers

Many universities have centers for academic writing. The majority of the students, especially the graduate students, need some help when they write their research papers, so universities provide special help free of charge. Usually instructors meet with students in person, but there is a possibility to use a writing center online form and ask a question or write an email to the instructor. Prepare your draft paper and send it to the instructor by attachment. It is recommended to work with the same instructor, so they are familiar with your dissertation and understand your needs.

Since the main purpose of the centers is to help students become better writers, their webpages provide useful information about research writing in the disciplines, creating meaningful texts, using sources and making citations, publishing the research results, etc. Check the writing center’s website and learn many new tricks how to make your work better.

PhD Student Writing Groups

In most universities PhD students form studying groups where they help each other with their work. Writing itself is challenging and a third-party opinion can help significantly. Today special software allows working on a single document in a group on the web. You can share your dissertation draft and ask your colleagues to check the structure of the thesis, proofread the text or format the citations properly. Read the comments carefully and take your time to consider them. Do not forget to help others and give your feedback.

Writing Agencies

Many online writing companies offer a wide range of free services. Ask your friends and groupmates if they know about such a kind of an option available. Usually free services include topic preparation and determination of the student’s research problem. The authors, especially the beginners, often provide some services for free to create their portfolio. For instance, they can proofread a single chapter and develop a list of recommendations how the text can be improved.

This option is helpful, but the agencies are created to make profit, so they won’t spend much time and efforts on a free project. Besides, professionals hardly work for free.

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